Learning to Sing

Being able to sing is something most people can actually do to some extent, but you can get really good by learning the right singing techniques and how to combine breathing and physical exercises to achieve a really high level of accomplishment. Most people who have a tendency to say, "I just can't sing," or "I'll never be able to sing because I'm tone deaf," or other similar excuses in that vein only do so because they don't know they actually can sing if they just have the right tuition!

learning to singThere are a number of ways of getting that tuition, from going the traditional route and signing up for physical classes with a teacher in a classroom, or one-on-one private vocal coaching, to taking distance learning courses via DVD or recorded media, to finding the best online singing lessons and courses that proliferate the Internet.

Singing Lessons Online

Probably the simplest way to learn is to get online and find a good tutoring course that has been created and published (and on sale) by a professional vocal coach or even a well known professional singer. There are some very good ones around these days and the good news is that they're not expensive. In fact most are very affordable!

One of the best in my opinion is a course called Singorama which was created by popular female vocalist and performer Melanie Alexander, from the popular 1990s all-girl Australian band, Girlfriend. It is easy to follow, professionally designed and produced and takes you through all the stages from complete beginner to advanced in easy to follow step by step modules.

Vocal Coaching

Probably the best way of learning how to sing is also one of the most expensive. That's signing up with a personal vocal coach who will tutor you in one-on-one sessions from start to wherever it takes you.

It really depends on what you are willing to do and how much you are willing to spend on yourself. If you are deeply determined to rise above the crowd and put everything you've got into becoming the vocalist you are convinced you can be, then this is the ultimate way forward.

Free Video Lessons

A word of warning about taking the cheapest possible road to singability and relying solely on free tutoring videos you can find on places like Youtube. While there are some pretty decent videos around, they tend to be "starter" videos.

What I mean by that is this type of video is designed to get you interested in a teacher's methods and hook you into their subsequent course (which you will have to pay for anyway). Or they're angling to sell you a course made by someone else and their "free" intro is really little more than a sales pitch carefully engineered to feel like a real training introduction.

Either way, by relying on free stuff to learn how to sing online, you place yourself in a position where you could easily be taught the wrong way or lead into bad habits which can be tough to break later on when you decide to get serious. Let's face it, anything that is marketed as "free" is never really free. There's always a catch.

My advice is don't be mean or tight fisted when it comes to something that you really want to do properly. Put your hand in your pocket and get out your credit card and cheerfully pay the relatively small amount that is asked for professionally produced, highly recommended and top rated singing lessons online.

You'll get professional training, shown all the things you need to do while avoiding all the things you should not do by a tutor who knows what they're doing. It's the best way and you'll benefit and even profit from that small initial investment later on by becoming the great singer that you want to be and using it to your best advantage. Find out more by visiting www.webmusicstar.com where the process is delved into in more detail by a real professional singer and musician.

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